Homework Result

Tuesday night was spent creating questions to hit the target market with. From 20 possible questions my list was whittled down to five concise questions, with pictorial description of the tour product.

The two ships in port yesterday were both carrying German passengers. I printed 5 questionnaires only, as I was fairly certain that finding many participants would be difficult. That would be the understatement of the day.

Firstly my timing was right off. The information on the harbour page indicated that ship number 1, Albatros would arrive at 11:00 am. I arrived at the harbour shortly after 11:00 and it was very obvious that the ship had arrived much earlier. Instead of catching passengers leaving, I was catching them returning to the ship. The language difficulty aside, they did not want to stop and answer my questions. All looked at their watches and shook their heads.

At first I thought the ship’s schedule had changed, until I noticed that city tour guides were also going into the harbour area. One I actually mistook for a passenger. That was second lesson of the day: tour guides were the same age as the passengers. The language difficulty was lesson number three, although it was more a confirmation of something I suspected. Germans will not targeted until I have good German language staff.

The next ship that is scheduled to arrive is more international in the passenger mix. I’m hoping that I can get more than three garbled answers this time.