Business Tools

A list of resources that I’ve used during my journey, including links, ISBN numbers, authors and year of publication where necessary. This is a work in progress, so please come back often! I’ll try to remember to publicise any changes too.

Business Balls– a fellow entrepreneur sent me here. Great SWOT analysis tool. Made me realise that I have some hidden strengths (assets). That is the only tool I’ve looked at so far, judging by the menu options on the left, it would be very easy to lose a few hours here!

Enterprise Helsinki – a great site for those thinking of creating and starting a business in Helsinki. The business-plan template is so easy to use. They run courses for budding entrepreneurs as well as those already on the road to market domination

LinkedIn – Facebook for working people as I tend to call it. I need to work on my profile a little more – my profile picture looks like I have light sabres sticking out the side of my head. All jokes aside, I’ve found the groups function to be very useful, and now get an updated list of discussions to my mail every morning. There are also invitations to web-inars, job opportunities and just this week invitations to submit articles for a journal. Now, blogging is one thing, actually submitting something to under peer review is another. I’m thinking about it.

Successful Selling for Introverts, ISBN 9781451549614 by Thomas Murphy has been invaluable and is one that is always on the bedside table. My latest purchase is Establishing and doing business in Finland by Tuulikki Holopainen,  ISBN 9789513755942 (no picture available yet). I’m already looking forward to running over the pages with my trusty highlighter and notebook by my side.


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