Thank goodness that is over…

Firstly, let me say thank you for following my ramblings over this last year. The year 2012  was filled with challenges, and while I’ve coped with most of them, the last two months have been especially difficult. I’m drained mentally and exhausted just thinking about how I navigate the next month.

Simply put, my priorities got all skewed up and I said yes to unasked questions and didn’t put boundaries or limitations on myself. Instead of setting up my own business, I’ve been working for my employer all this time, and my business is ‘dead in the water’. Treading water is a better description. Actually I did a lot of research and back-ground work, I’m just not in the place I thought I was going to be …

I told my replacement that I would stay until December 31st. Then two weeks before that deadline fell due, the managing director threw a rather large spanner in the works. The Engineer is once again the boss and so in a way I’m back where I was two years ago. Without going into too much detail it is obvious that the current situation is untenable for all concerned. K visited my office the week before Christmas and asked if I would consider staying on one more month.

I’d seen this question coming, and while I could have said no, and probably should have said nothe people there are like family and it would feel wrong from an ethical point of view to just walk away. I said yes, with a few conditions! January 31st would be absolutely my last day and there would be no coming back to help out, unless it was absolutely an emergency. Also, my hours would be limited, freeing me up for study and this never-ending setting up the business project. I would merely be a presence in the office until the end of the month, giving K enough time to get all the pieces together. Deadlines all around, I think everyone is happy now!

So school resumes next week, work continues tomorrow and I’m hoping that there will be something positive to report before too long.

Now, without further ado I have some other blog posts to publish tonight, a dog to walk, and sauna to relax some very tense muscles.

Now that I’ve written this, I’m feeling much more confident that January 2013 won’t be such the train-wreck I’d earlier imagined.