Have you seen my oomph?

Have you seen my oomph? It’s not the first time this year it’s gone astray. I’ve also lost my travel card, although I’m fairly sure I know where I’ve misplaced that particular piece of plastic. THAT shouldn’t be too difficult to locate. No, the oomph or lack thereof is causing me large amounts of distress at the present. The business plan is languishing, still unfinished and awaiting submission. That is the cloud that is covering my oomph. I believe so anyway.

So, I’m taking a break from all social media until the business plan is lodged with the appropriate authority. I’m hoping that this simple act will ease the great lump of ‘aaargh’ that is lodged in the cavity where my vital organs should be.


This is a little like my current feeling. I ran into this little fellow while out walking Perry a few weeks ago. Like all good hedgehogs, he tucked himself into a ball and puffed up. Perry didn’t get the hint 🙂 Perhaps I should be like Perry and not the hedgehog in this situation!

PS: I hope the photo shows up alright when you read this, I’ve had a few difficulties this evening.