It’s my life!

It’s my life! Although really, is it? It’s also woven into plenty of other people’s lives. Where do I stop being me and start being the part of the bigger picture? Or someone else’s picture?

Warning, this post is going up on three of my blogs, so if you see this more than once, my apologies in advance. It’s quite possible that the comments each blog generate will be quite different. Oh dear, is that some sort of social experiment I’m running.

Anyway, I’ve some to the realization that if I don’t prioritise RIGHT NOW and put some things ahead of others, stop doing some things and start doing more of other stuff, nothing is going to move forward and my unhappiness / disgruntled factor is just going to take over more and more of my life.

Tomorrow morning, we the family, are headed to the German capital, although The Engineer is none too keen about the trip after being away so often during spring. It seemed like a really good idea when we booked the tickets…

I’m frantically making sure all my obligations have been met, although the unanswered emails keep growing, as do the comments that you, my readers have left here.

This weekend will be about family. Hopefully, I can have a few moments of peace to myself to get my head back on straight and life back on track.

It also means that Heather’s Helsinki will become my prime focus. No more Six Word Saturdays for a while! Hopefully we get some more barbeque action though J