My next survey

I had such a great response to the last survey that I thought I would do another one! I will get the survey results from survey # one analysed in the next few day. I will say there were some great responses and plenty of good comments.

Without further ado, here is survey # 2: the topic of the day is Public Transport. The good news is that I have learnt from my previous mistakes and the survey has no tricky questions or problems with yes / no answers.

Of course, if you find any problems please point them out. It’s all a learning curve!

Edited to add: feel free to pass on to your friends 🙂


Survey questions (before I found the right poll)

Is this your first visit to Helsinki? YES / NO

What do you like most about these tours?

What are the three most important things you look for in a tour?

What is missing from these tours?

Is there anything unnecessary in these tours?

How much would you be prepared to pay for

tour 1?

tour 2?

What do you look for in a tour?

If our new tours were available today, how likely would you be to take them?

Extremely likely

Very likely

Moderately likely

Slightly likely

Not at all likely