Business Plan (version 4)

Finally the business plan is ready to go. This part has been more than a little difficult for me to document. I thought that the blogging for the business setup would get easier. If anything it has become harder.

So right here and now I am going to pledge to post about my progress every single day (even the weekends). I’m not going to promise great long chunks of text. Short and sweet, to the point is my goal from now on!

My next task is to get my application for starttiraha* together. It’s actually quite straight forward, all I need to do is take the information that is in the business plan, and rewrite in in Finnish. That part my partner will definitely have to edit and double check for me.

Tomorrow I have my first meeting with the YritysHelsinki people and the butterflies are fluttering already. I’m good to go. I’ve been working on my sales pitch, I’ll have copies of the plan ready to distribute (hard and soft copy) and I’ve even managed to source some potential marketing / promotional items. I just need to ensure phone and computer are nicely charged before I leave the house.

I do have one small concern. What does one wear to this sort of interview? How does one prepare? I don’t want to come across as too successful nor do I want to appear totally clueless. Competent, yet aware of my shortcomings is the best I can do. That shouldn’t be too difficult, after all it’s my business!

* Starttiraha = start up funding.

2 thoughts on “Business Plan (version 4)

  1. I’d go with comfortabel presentable office wear. Look forward to hearing how the next step in your takeover of the world goes.
    Knock m dead, Heather!

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