Back to study! Part III

Since my last posting I have received confirmation that my application to attend summer school was successful. I subsequently paid the required registration fee and now have received the confirmation mail and a place has been reserved for me. The same mail also had the login information for the summer school intranet. Unfortunately at this early stage there is nothing to see: Come back in May. We are sorry for any inconvenience. My calendar has been blocked off for those days. Now to wait and see what the social programme has to offer.

Other exciting news is that I have a name, although I don’t have a .com domain to match it. It’s out there and I’ve put in a bid to buy it. Now I need to wait. Obviously my first offer has probably been too low…

The business plan is taking shape and now just requires cutting, pasting and editing into a proper document rather than many separate sheets of paper.

The best of all is the appointment with the EnterpriseHelsinki people. That’s still a couple of weeks away so I can use the time to fine tune the plan, work on the product and get it all packaged nicely.

4 thoughts on “Back to study! Part III

  1. Yay! Sounds like things are beginning to move!
    Will school in May affect your business (or is that before the start of the season?)

    • School will be for three weeks in August: probably not the best timing (height of the season), however the lessons learnt will be invaluable for season 2 🙂

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