Back to study!

Exciting stuff! I’ve just sent off a ‘request for information’ mail to the Helsinki Summer School. Even though I’m not a student they have some positions available for ‘Professionals’ so hopefully I can gain entrance that way.

If I think about the last time I was in a classroom, it’s not that long ago (Finnish classes, started 2001). Except that it never felt like I was studying. The exam in 2010 for my citizenship language capabilities did feel like an exam.That was awful.

It’s an opportunity too good to pass up. Hopefully I get a (positive) response soon.

2 thoughts on “Back to study!

    • Too true! When I was studying first time round one of the best students in the class was a nurse changing career. She was at least 10 years (on the calendar) and 20 years (in experience) ahead of us. Our mother-hen 🙂

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