Running before walking… or is that walking before crawling

I’m not sure if I should be moving already to this next step or not. However, if I don’t do it now, possibly the momentum will be gone later. I mean to say, my business remains nameless at this stage.

After seeing how easy my employers’ inital web page was established, I figured I could do the same. Buy a Coffee Cup package and then the rest would just follow on… well perhaps not.

Lets go back a few days to a noisy gathering of like-minded readers. At some stage of the evening the subject of home pages / web page design came up. Our hostesses partner has his own business specialising in web design. Another of our merry bunch works for a  marketing communications firm. Both of them were very insistent that it’s mistake to create your own page, worse is to give the job to a well-meaning friend or relative who blithely claims “…sure I can do that, really how hard can it be?!”  According to A and T, it’s a minefield best avoided.

So, after a flurry of mails back and forth, we’ve set a date and a time to have an initial chat. Even if I don’t go much more forward with this now, at least we’ve made an initial contact. Who knows, perhaps this will be the start of a beautiful relationship. What I do know is that now I have added one more name to my arsenal of contacts. One thing that is true of doing business in Finland is that it is not what you know, rather who you know (and naturally, who they know!

Now to get that name sorted once and for all!

2 thoughts on “Running before walking… or is that walking before crawling

  1. I really like this name too, however it’s very limiting. If I want to expand or go in a different direction in the future this name may not be a good fit. I think my best option is to register this name as one that belongs to the business (auxillary name) and then I can also register my chosen name in Finnish and Swedish. That covers all the bases… I need at least three names on the initial application – there are fairly strict rules, and sometimes what would appear to be quite straightforward can be rejected (usually for language rules). This is why the name part is going so slow…. grrrr

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